From the happy union between the estate of Gelso Grande in the countryside of Trapani and the splendor of a glorious past created “Feuds Branciforti of Bordonaro.” Seven new labels that bear witness, once again, the vocation of a territory, unique in the world to host the vineyard and produce grapes of great personality with an immense identity. The long rows of indigenous Nero d’Avola, Grillo and Cataratto are complemented by those of the international Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay.

But Gelso Grande also houses a treasure chest of Petit Verdot that testifies once again, the ability of this distribution area to accommodate different grape varieties respecting each other, always, the most authentic specificity. Each grape is implanted in a specific portion of the vineyard to ensure proper exposure to sunlight. Each variety has its highest expression in a natural way. The terroir is clay loam with an average slurry and a balanced content of limestone and with a proper balance between the mineral components. The recorded temperature range between day and night and the constant ventilation from the nearby Mediterranean Sea favor the accumulation of polyphenols and aromatic essence of the grapes which, combined with the complex characteristics of the area, giving each wine a strong personality and organoleptic properties of particular intensity.